List of things that piss me off

I can't be the-constructive-eternal-optimist-that-I-am all the time.  Sometimes, I just have to be negative to balance things out; so that's why this list exists.  Actually, I had a pretty exhaustive list of things that piss me off (couple pages long) in the spirit of George Carlin :) but now I don't know where that list went, so I'm going to re-create it here. Psychotic hatredstm change, anyway, but definitely I already know the first new item. So here we go:

  • Losing stuff.
  • People that litter
  • People that don't flush
  • Ghetto people
  • People who have to win a debate, rather than learn from a discussion
  • Websites that play music automatically
  • Shitty service from multi-gazillionaire companies
  • False advertising
  • Popular TV and news media (most...)
  • Movies ruined by required sex scene/teen sexual tension